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Looking to take your HelpScout Help Center to the next level? Meet HelpScout Templates, the premium, high-quality templates to help you feature a world-class help center design.

Premium HelpScout Templates

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Custom HelpScout Templates

Simple & Easy

Our HelpScout templates were developed with easy editability in mind, so you will be able to set them up as easy as 1,2, 3

Premium HelpScout Templates

Premium Design

All our HelpScout templates follow the latest design trends of 2023. Meaning your Help Center will have a world-class premium design.

Responsive HelpScout Templates

Perfectly Responsive

Our HelpScout templates are perfectly responsive, so your users can browse seamlessly from desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Customizable HelpScout Templates


Don’t waste hours in complicated customizations. Our templates are easily customizable, meaning you can edit them to fit your brand styling in 60 minutes or less.

Affordable HelpScout Templates


Buying one of our premium HelpScout templates is 5-10x cheaper and faster than hiring a Front-end developer to customize your Help Center CSS stylesheet.

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If you have any problem, bug, or just want to reach out to say hello, our support team is always available to assist you via email.

Helpscout Themes

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Tech - HelpScout Template

Tech | HelpScout Template

Tech is the premium HelpScout Template created specifically for tech companies.

Startup - HelpScout Template

Startup | HelpScout Template

Startup is the premium HelpScout Template designed for modern and top-notch startup.

Minimal - HelpScout Template

Minimal | HelpScout Template

Minimal is the premium HelpScout Template for companies looking for a slick, yet minimal design.

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Frequently Asked Questions About
HelpScout Templates

Yes! We provide a simple and easy documentation so you can easily update any text, color, images, and pretty much anything else.
Don’t worry, with our video documentation you will be able to easily customize your template without any hassle in 60 minutes or less.
Once you customize the template to match your brand styling, you just need to upload your style.css file on Docs > Site Settings > Custom Code. As simple and easy as that.

If you are looking to create a 100% unique and custom tailored HelpScout template for your company, our team of great designers & developers can help you bring it to life. The starting price for this service is $5,000.

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